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Peachez women

Peachez Women

Peachez Women

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How it works

1. Take your pick! Choose a subscription package, style preference (thong, cheeky panty, boxers, briefs etc) and size between the 1st – and 20th of every month (for example – if you would like to receive your package for end of November you would need to place your order between 1st -20th November). Please note that you will not be viewing and placing orders for any specific designs launched in a month. All our monthly and limited edition styles can be viewed via our social media channels and what you get in your bag will always be a surprise! On some months you may also have the option of purchasing one-off add-ons to your order too (matching camis and bralettes anyone??)

2. In, out, and on with your life… Enjoy life and leave the rest to us…Once all orders are in on the 20th, we will start processing and shipping orders which we will aim to reach customers on or before the end of the month

3. Enjoy your new goody bag! Your new, bespoke pair of undies is right at your doorstep! Enjoy your new goody bags and be sure to tag us on social media!

  • Free shipping on all subscriptions
  • Subscription will be charged all in one go
  • Subscription can be cancelled before 1st of the following month.
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